Hi welcome to 2022 we send audio over optical connections and the most popular new video interconnect is the serial port. Here's your wireless touchpad. The easiest way to transfer data between two computers in the same room is via someone else's computer hundreds of miles away. Have a normal day

@khm I understand most of these, but what is the video serial port thing about?

@kevin @khm hdmi and displayport are both based on lvds signalling, maybe?

@khm So true. Although I am pleasantly surprised with how well AirDrop works as a local transfer method in the Apple ecosystem.

@khm it's a longshot but i hope bluetooth's new "auracasting" breaks us out of this long freeze, where we start to ask ourselves: why is this literally the only technology around to connect person-to-person?

@khm ...but actually the easiest way to transfer data between two computers in the same room is syncthing? what am i missing

@amberage @khm you have to install syncthing on the computer of the person you’re sending to so it’s not actually easier than just using drop box or google drive or whatever, that will generate a public http link for you from one command

@amberage @khm but that’s assuming you haven’t already gotten all your friends on a shared syncthing folder i guess

@bri_seven @amberage @khm actually given my experience with those programs the easiest way to transfer an image ime from my phone to my computer is via a discord DM to a second account i made

@awfulawfulthings @amberage @khm if it’s between my own computers there’s lots of options. i assumed since this was called out as a problem- that the scenario was transferring a file to somone whose computer you do not own and are not free to install software like discord to

@jasper @khm can that be used to send a single file to someone who doesn’t have it installed?

@zens @khm I don't think you can expect _too_ much from software if you demand it's not installed 😛

Like the problem there is a bit that people haven't aligned on the same standard.

In some branches of science there is issue that no-one reproduces experiments, but FOSS should probably reproduce standards more.

@jasper @khm so the easiest way to do that is not syncthing, got it

@zens @jasper @khm if people would just remember that windOWS SMB SHARE EXISTS [rant halted]

@bri_seven love 2 transfer files via airdrop between my dell and my thinkpad

@khm it is literally just bluetooth file transfer with fancy branding and a nice ui. you telling me it’s hard on non apple computers?

@khm To be fair, optical audio is pretty much a zombie- most consumers will hook up their audio over HDMI ARC these days
@khm (I don’t, I hate ARC, and it’s buggy on every receiver and every TV)

@penny @khm Exactly why I use optical, it's the simplest and most reliable way to connect my PC to my DAC

Coaxial for the blu-ray player because I only have one optical cable

@khm If only windows PCs and mobile phones came with netcat pre-installed 😞

You could use powershell for sending a file over TCP, but its way less convenient than netcat.

@khm the last point is untrue. Nearby sharing is a thing on windows and android (and I assume on the rest).

@khm where copying music to your phone went from "plug it in & hello drive E:" to "there's a reason I've installed an FTP server on it"

@khm for file sharing i'd usually recommend but for some reason it just Does Not let me send files from my phone to my laptop (but vice versa is fine)

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