I'm still hiring. If you're a senior data wrangler who wants to help build a data sciences program at a national lab, come be our Chief Data Architect:

If you're not quite that far along your career but you have some microbiology or environmental science experience, we're also hiring a Research Data Architect to support our work with the National Microbiome Data Collaborative:

coming soon: hiring linux sysadmins and python programmers...

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@khm I know a guy in Seattle who would probably be interested in the sysadmin / Python role(s) depending on experience required

@khm not sure if the roles are remote friendly - my brain read Richland as Redmond 😬

@klardotsh the developer roles are remote-ok and the sysadmin roles might be -- I'm trying to talk the tech lead into that. I'll tag them when I post them!

@khm this is really tempting but the timing is poor. Feel free to ignore me, but both the apparent firmness of the education requirements and the anti-drug policy will deter many of your best candidates. (I know you personally probably don't have control over all of that, but outside feedback could be useful)

@enby The education requirements are something I actively campaign against, but the curse of middle management is I'm responsible for bringing in "the best people" but not empowered to discard idiotic lab polcies in the process. I personally regard the degree requirements as a severe diversity & inclusion failure.

As for the drug stuff, well, it's a federal government lab. Until congress forces the DEA to take weed off the schedule, there's no chance in hell of avoiding that requirement.

@enby but to more directly address your point, yes, it helps my case when I can report direct feedback from potential applicants -- this is hurting the lab and I can demonstrate it!

Regarding timing, the lab is big and job reqs come and go, so you can search any time -- all our stuff also shows up on as well.

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