upgraded my cellphone

old one will head off to a buddy who wonders if having a dumbphone will help with adhd

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@clacke @khm I got a Plum Ram 9 with KaiOS and i'm very pleased

@khm, the Punkt phone has been on my wishlist for awhile. Can you explain how it uses the Signal protocol for messaging? Can you send messages for people to read on their Signal app or does it only encrypt messaging between Punkt devices?

@iiogama It has a Signal app available, called Pigeon. It works with the whole Signal network, afaik. I don't use Signal because I don't trust Moxie, butI know people who use it with this phone.

@khm, I totally get that. Signal is my "privacy focused" compromise with my social group.

@khm This is brilliant! I hope it works out !

@khm let us know how the experiment goes. I am personally interested in the results!

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