Spent the afternoon disassembling my bicycle so I could use the drivetrain to build a bike for the younger boy. He's getting the 1x11 setup; I'm moving back to a 3x9 with my old Gevenelle shifters.

As time goes by, I think the 9-speed era was peak bicycle engineering. Everything was interoperable, you could do whatever you wanted.

10/11/12-speed stuff is all incompatible except for very narrow lanes, and it's a huge pain in the ass


the bicycle appears to meet the client's requirements, featuring a background appearance by my sweet-ass jetta

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@khm there's a reason the touring bike community prefers 8 or 9 speed stuff. Interoperable, cheap, and easy to find in any country.

@khm that's being said, apparently the 12 speed stuff is much more durable, which is extremely surprising.

@aram I'd believe that of Campagnolo gear but Shimano has not impressed me with their latest offerings

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