putting aside the tex shinobi so that I can switch to the mnt reform keyboard fulltime. it's an adjustment, but man, this is a high-quality piece of equipment.

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@khm How are you coping with the split spacebar and the strange placement of right shift?

@mc The keyboard actually ships with a black right-shift keycap whch matches the rest. I discovered I generally used the left side of the normal, wider right-shift ket, so I bought a ridged keycap for it to help find it. It's an adjustment but it's working out -- and it's worth adjusting to it since the same keyboard is on my Reform laptop.

@mc As for the split space bar, it works out fine -- the space keys are exactly where I generally hit space. It's actually more 'weird' adjusting to the centered Alt keys.

@khm I can imagine. Thanks for answering.

@caffo @SDF it really works better with a pool ball! I went with a 9 ball for the 9front street cred.

@khm Nice taste in trackballs, there. I have two L-Tracs myself.

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