The social aspect of this year's Supercomputing conference is hosted on Discord... I'm glad I already have a Ripcord license.

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@khm Sad that Ripcord doesn't work on 2FA accounts though.

@joeo10 fair enough, but it doesn't bother me; I'm cantankerous enough that internet chat is far outside the realm of my threat model for requiring 2FA.

@khm @joeo10 it does work on 2FA accounts. Make sure you are copying and pasting the whole token.

@khm Apologies in advance if they use the "threads" feature in Discord. Discord added it recently, but I haven't yet implemented it in Ripcord because the demand for it has been low (0 of the 15 or so communities I use with Discord makes use of the feature.) You might have to use the web client if they're using it, since you won't see the separate "threads" channels that get created when people use that feature. (Normal quoting replies work fine.)

@cancel @khm Threads are the most idiotic misfeature that was invented in chat software in the past 20 years, and whoever uses it is a bad person and should feel bad.

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