SUVs are loathed by everyone except the people who drive them; and in a city the size of London, a few dozen people could in a short space of time make the ownership of these cars impossible, just by running keys down the side of them, at a cost to the owner of several thousand pounds a time.

Say fifty people vandalizing four cars each every night for a month: six thousand trashed SUVs in a month and the Chelsea tractors would soon be disappearing from our streets.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller on #bitcoin

Bitcoin will supplant the petrodollar system that distorts energy prices and encourages inefficient / irresponsible use of resources.

Bitcoin incentivizes the relentless pursuit of ever more efficient energy production / usage.


@mersible @neauoire Buckminster Fuller died in 1983. He never expressed an opinion about your Dunning-Krugerrand.

SUVs are detrimental to city health in more ways than energy consumption. Modern SUV grill/bumper profiles are more likely to induce injury or death in a pedestrian crash. Much like with energy consumption, your technolibertarian deregulation fever dream can't help.

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@khm @neauoire

I am aware that Fuller died pre-Bitcoin. The quote is nonetheless apt in regard to it.

By creating an energy price signal that can't be manipulated by governments, there will be a clearer running incentive to not drive a relatively larger, heavier thus less efficient vehicle such as an SUV, which will result in there being less SUVs around.

With Bitcoin there will also be a running incentive to save money, because any savings will increase in value over time.

@mersible @neauoire You have no evidence for any of these claims. I don't really care, because Bitcoin is already relegated to a speculation game for rich people, but it's not very nice to misrepresent the words of a dead man in support of your hobby.

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