I ordered sixteen batteries on Ali Express. I got eight tactical flashlights and eight boxed battery boxes. The flashlights each contain two of the batteries I ordered.

I mean, I got the batteries. Fine. Just what the hell

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@khm Now you need another 16 batteries to fill the tactical flashlights you stole the batteries out of...

@khm Maybe part of a review scam. Seller needs to show proof that they actually shipped out some items.

@khm as a flashlight and battery nerd, this is hilarious to me.

This reminded me of one time as a kid when I dumpster dived a box of flashlights from a company that'd changed name or whatever. I had batteries for quite a while, and small lightbulbs and springs for various projects. The housing wasn't great and ended up in the plastics recycling bin.

@khm last time I looked for 18650's on Amazon, it was all flashlights + spare batteries

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