pinephone/postmarketos update: phosh is almost useable. plasma is too slow. telephony features are still broken.

@khm you have a pinephone? I am planning to try porting 9front to it


@sirjofri I do. Much like the Pinebook Pro, I never use the thing, because it's unreliable. I also have the 3.5mm phone jack - USB serial cable, so if you need me to test stuff let me know.

I looked at getting 9front up on each device, but uboot is a dumpster I don't care to dive into.

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@sirjofri The pine64 desktop USB power supply, however, is excellent and I strongly recommend it

@khm I vaguely remember you tooting about the power supply turning off randomly. Does that problem persist? Do you remember the cause?

@mcz yep, it turned out to be a faulty power cable. it would work itself out of the back of the device. once I replaced it, the thing works great.

so I guess it's a QA problem, but not with the power supply itself, just the cheap cable that comes with it.

@khm yeah, I've seen alternatives to uboot but they all seem to rely on some kind of linux kernel and linux-like structure. Booting will probably be the hardest part...

@khm @sirjofri oh plan9 on the pinephone would be so amazing though :D

@martijnbraam @khm 🙂

It will be hard to design a plan 9-worthy user interface for touchscreens

@sirjofri @khm yeah but the remote stuff would be amazing for working around the CPU power issues on the pinephone

the fun thing would be the dialer I guess

@martijnbraam @sirjofri plan 9 on a multicore GHz-class processor with gigs of ram doesn't HAVE a cpu power issue, though

@sirjofri @martijnbraam no, I already have this designed. I need a magic want to convert it to C though

@khm @martijnbraam well, the let's discuss this design when we have the base system running 🙂

@khm @sirjofri 9front already has a program (aux/aout2uimage) for converting the kernel binary to a uimage for uboot, but i never had great success with it. but it might help you if you figure out why it produces weird adresses.

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