At long last, I've got the 1x11 drivetrain working on the Disc Trucker. Just waiting on that Swedish reuseable bartape to come in, and I think I can call the bike done...

@khm When I used to race on the road, and I was a much younger, fitter man, I rode an 11-23 in the back.

@Ricardus I spend most of my time in the middle of the cassette, but it's nice to have an 11-tooth cog back there, just in case I slip and fall and land in 1996 when I was last able make make meaningful use of it.

@khm With 11 and 12 cog cassettes now fo road bikes, the pros are even going big in the back. SRAM makes a 10-33 now.


@Ricardus that's what motivated this horrific experiment. I put together a bike with a Shimano R3000 group: 50-39-30 up front and a 9-speed 11-34 in the rear. It was a good kit, but when it came time to build this one out I wanted to see if this 1x11 thing would work as advertised. So far, no complaints, but I haven't taken it on a really long all-day ride yet...

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