I got a new cane, since the local police decided my last one was probably a weapon.

Apparently, a stick of wood with a brass handle is a weapon, but a forty-inch stick of titanium is an assistive device?

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@sl this cane ain't got no provenance, it's just garden titanium. but I'll admit the handle weld is super clean.

@khm I think the former actually exists as a weapon, because it is rather lightweight, but the knob itself consists of some extra heavy material to use more force when you swing it.
But... that is likely also true for half a dozen home tools, so... Don't see the reasoning here.

@xpac Fair enough, but when you're six and a half feet tall and weigh three hundred pounds, surely any stick you can lean on is gonna be able to deliver some damage?

@khm hey, I should get a stick, that description almost fits me 😁 have to think of Little John (from Robin Hood) now 😉

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