@khm How much does one need the companion app? I guess it's a smart move to save money and reduce complexity by omitting a screen and extra buttons, but it does give me some heebies and jeebies. Can't see a USB transfer option either, but it probably has it... right? (And maybe expandable memory?)

@csepp well, I don't use android or ios, so I don't have access to the companion app. according to the manual you can set some defaults: aspect ratio, video resolution, etc.

it's got no onboard storage. I put a 32gb microsd card in it. it charges off usb and I was able to copy photos off it via usb as well.

I'm also looking at the Nikon KeyMission 80, which is similar but has a screen, but I think the Canon is going to be fine for me

@csepp I forgot to mention the other attractive features of this device: BH Photo sells them for fifty bucks, and the camera quality is so mediocre that nobody will mistake my pictures for attempts at art!

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