I'm hiring again -- a cyber security engineer, with a focus on supercomputing and on-prem cloud (both VM style and k8s orchestration style).

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@khm so basically you want to hire a whole security department in a single person.

@loweel No, but I can see how you might read it that way if you're unfamiliar with this kind of ad. Note the difference between "preferred" and "minimum" quals.

We're looking for a subset of these skills. It's not particularly important which subset, as long as the candidate is enthusiastic about scientific computing! This person is joining one of several teams of security practitioners here at PNNL.

In other words, we're looking for a cyber security engineer, not a list of bullet points.

@khm actually after 26 years of It I am pretty familiar with this kind of HR behaviour while searching people to hire. This is why I am a consultant, and likely I will never change.
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