Soon my family will drive around the Olympic peninsula, camping several days at a time and exploring bike trails. I just finished bolting the bike carrier together.

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@khm amazing area I wish I could have spent more time at when I visited. Have fun!

@khm I just ordered one of those racks! Awaiting delivery; just got the hitch installed two days ago.

@groovestomp Having installed it, I think I'm gonna splurge for the swingarm mount. There's no 'stop' on the plates, so an unsupervised teenager might accidentally bash it into the windows...

But that's my absolute only complaint, it's the best hitch rack I've ever used. (Normally I'm a roof-rack guy, as depicted on the Jetta to the left)

@khm That will make sense when I get mine. 😃

Up here the local North Shore Racks are super popular, but we have kid bikes and touring bikes. The Lolo seemed to be the best for what I was looking for!

@groovestomp For sure! As far as I know it's the only upright rack that can handle my illustrious goofy-ass road bike -- most of them are MTBs-specific

@khm @groovestomp

I guess you could put one of those rubber door-stopper bumps on the plate to protect your window.

@publius @groovestomp My knee-jerk reaction was a nerf football, but your idea has the benefit of not being ridiculous

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