Woke up to mentions chock full o' people who are a-ok with software surveillance, and happy to make excuses for it, or spend their own time working around it. I don't like computers enough to jump through all these hoops; it's easier to just completely abandon any software written by people who think telemetry is an appropriate feedback mechanism. If they can't identify dystopian idiocy when they see it, they'll make other bad decisions eventually anyway.

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@khm I suppose you are subtooting me and Fabian? If so, I certainly do not support software surveillance or telemetry. I could never justify implementing such in software I make.

@josias no, there are too many to have directed it at anyone specifically.

there is a large contingent of FOSS participants who don't understand the fundamentally different motivational forces at play, and believe that rich corporations must know best.

that mentality is depressing, incorrect, and ultimately self-defeating -- you can't win a game whose rules are written by the other team -- but I sure as hell am not in the business of re-educating unwilling strangers. that way madness lies

@khm I agree, that is a big problem. As I alluded elsewhere in the thread, I believe we need to take computing into our own hands and set up development systems that keep people involved and keep out undue corporate influence.

@khm I do not support software surveillance, for the record. I this is a nuanced subject and it’s generally not good to paint with such broad brush strokes.

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