memo to people angry that TeX makes it tough to pixel-twiddle: please leave TeX alone; it's for people who want the computer to do that for us.

if you want to micromanage your typesetting software then Word and/or LibreOffice are selling what you're buying folks

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@khm also it's not tough at all. You "just" need to learn the TeX programming language, how it works and evaluates tokens, programming in general and many other things. Then you have all freedom you want, but no time to write your text anymore.


You micromanage your typesetting with... Word and Libre Office ?

You can also hunt whales with flamethrowers. I am not entirely sure of the result.

@ParadeGrotesque look I don't understand these people either, I just want to keep them away from TeX before they port CSS to it or whatever comes next


Raw TeX makes it easy to pixel-twiddle, to the extent that it makes ANYTHING easy.

LaTeX makes it reasonably straightforward to get clean, consistent results WITHOUT pixel-twiddling. I rather prefer that.

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