A while back I played a prank on my teenaged son by putting a command to play a gross mp3 files in his .bashrc.

Tonight my wife and I were sitting on the couch at about eleven pm, when the Dell Optiplex in the next room started farting uncontrollably.

And that was how I found out that my son
- was staying up past bedtime
- had got my old X60T working
- had SSHed into his computer to get his Discord password.

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@khm if I was a kid I would 100% have an old Android phone that my parents didn't know about hidden in my room.

@alrs I'm not hating on the hustle; hopefully this is a good lesson on the importance of planning. He should have exfiltrated his password before bedtime. Props for coming at the network with a previously-allowlisted MAC address, though.

If the Optiplex didn't have built-in speakers he might have got away clean.

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