legal: mit neuer lizenz: mit

aux/vga: Schwenken entfernen, Bildschirmneigungsunterstützung hinzufügen

9boot: bevorzuge plan9.ini von ESP, von dem wir geladen haben


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those german characters don't look right in your toot nor the release web page in any browser I use

@omni @khm I think it's a joke about UTF-8 encoding.

i ໓໐ຖ't ງēt it, คrē ฯ໐น Şคฯiຖງ ēงērฯthiຖງ thēฯ ໓໐ iŞ iຖtēຖti໐ຖคl?

@omni @mc we ran the english changelog through google translate to german and then misencoded the results to give it that old-school GDR flavor

I have a friend on IRC that may have been running this joke on me for several years now.

@omni @khm Haha! Or just the typical UTF-8->Latin 1->UTF-8 mangling for real.

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