For a year I tried to convince my wife to let me order her a proper high-end office chair. She refused. Then she came home with this monstrosity strapped to her bicycle

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@yrabbit I try not to let her know, in case she becomes uninsurable

@khm 🤣 It's funny tbh. I'm surprised that she could bring the chair on the bike, I'd say she has done some incredible job but it might be a bit risky 😕.
Did she get it used for a discount ?? Because I've heard that gaming chairs aren't the most comfortable and are more of a selling word and are overpriced.

@cybernomad I think she impulse-bought this chair because the massive back-support pillows do good things for her old rugby injuries.

But she has by now formed a habit of bringing home weirdly-shaped things on her bike. For instance, a full-size bike repair stand and my bike frame.

@agentcasey @cybernomad it is a Tern GSD, where GSD allegedly stands for "Get Shit Done." It's a pretty expensive ebike, but since she got it she's all but ceased to drive cars. She even put a studded tire on it so she could go grocery shopping in the snow.

Here pictured with a pillion seat for our younger kid.

@khm @cybernomad I usually resist ebikes but nevertheless, I stick to my original statement and sentiment. I suspect, that being an ebike makes it even more useful and utilitarian. Yes, and I wouldn't be surprised at the price of such a thing either.
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