It would make my life slightly more pleasant if the cryptocurrency kids would please stop telling everyone they're going to rescue society by removing the need for trust.

A society that isn't based on trust is not worth living in. Replacing trust with electricity consumption is always going to be a recipe for idiocy.


It's somewhat better than replacing trust with bullets. But that's not saying much.

@khm also then you have to trust the system, the implementation. There's very few people who can actually verify the blockchain (compared to the whole population of the world). The others just have to trust these people. A world without trust, eh?

@khm This cannot be reiterated enough.

I'll steal a term from an HN comment I saw recently, where crypto was referred to as being a "skeuomorphism of gold mining" — with all the relentless pursuit (and lack of awareness of consequence) that goes with it.

A stable hierarchy of trust has always been preferable to anarchy in any historical context; and crypto has been a regulatory, environmental, and AML/KYC nightmare thus far.

@khm Replacing trust with owning money also doesn't work. That's where they are right (at least the ones who realize that)

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