dear lazyweb,

I use ripcord for slack chat, and am looking for tips on how people handle sudden incoming voice/video calls. Do you switch to a web ui? What's the play here

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@khm That's what I do currently, yeah. Not ideal.

The last few months were kinda rough for me, and I'm behind schedule.

After I implemented voice call support for Discord, I was asking some Slack users if anyone used the voice feature. Out of about 20 people who used it every day, nobody said they or their company used Slack's voice calling features. They all used WebEx or Zoom. This was back in 2019. I put off implementing Slack voice call due to that, but maybe it's time?

@khm Video calling/screensharing is probably not going to happen for Ripcord, though, because I'd have to add a bunch of big scary video codecs, and they aren't hardened. So if I wanted to do it safely, I'd have to make a process sandboxing thing to hold the codecs while they're working, like web browsers do. That's a lot of code and bug/attack surface :/

@khm (I say that now, but I also never planned to do voice calls at all when I started years ago, so who knows…)

@cancel I hope I didn't come across as complaining (although to be fair I am *usually* complaining) because I believe ripcord's feature set is already pretty great. I think I've received maybe two Slack calls over the past year, so falling back to another tool is entirely appropriate.

@khm Don't worry. Even if you had been complaining, I'm immune to complaints at this point :)

@khm Unless the complaint is an invalid complaint! I think I'm still not immune to those :)

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