As of two months ago
Rust depends on a proprietary password manager to build.

If you want to use their official packaging system ( you must have a account.

Rust is free software only in the barest technicality of the term.

@khm I can't seem to find any more information online. Can you post a link for context?

@khm That is indeed disturbing. Does it actually depend on having 1Password installed to build though?

@josias I'm not particularly interested in finding out; for me, the line is already crossed. The depths of the infraction are an academic matter.

@khm I'd love pointers to the password manager issue as well. I can't find anything on it.

As for requiring a account, it just needs to be implemented. People are open to it, but no one has put in the effort to implement it:

@badtuple "no one has put in the effort" is not how I'd phrase it. "It will require a significant amount of effort due to the tight integration with github" is more how I'd phrase it.

@khm That's fine. That phrasing doesn't really change anything of consequence. One is there now, alternatives are welcome, but it needs to be done. I agree it's unfortunate that github has been there alone so long that it's become load bearing (for lack of better term.)

@badtuple Yes, it does change something of consequence. "Nobody has put in the effort" is a different concept than "the entire project is structured around Github." Even submitting a pull request to change this *requires a Github account*.

@khm again, that's fine. I don't disagree at all, nor am I looking for an internet fight. I'm just saying, demonization of the project aside, the future can be better and that's what we need to do to make it so.

@badtuple When making a decision whether to commit government resources to working on upstreaming improvements, these considerations matter. Not all criticism is demonization.

@badtuple @khm this is such a rust thing

someone brings up a serious concern 4 years ago and then nobody does anything about it despite it being even more of a problem now

>Rust depends on a proprietary password manager to build.
Where is the dependency?
>If you want to use their official packaging system ( you must have a account.
Excuse me? I do not have a github account and I can use fine.

@mithrandir You created a account without github? Have you documented this process? Because the Cargo documentation has not been updated with this information:

@khm no, but I use without github (pull packages from it and build with it)

@mithrandir @khm "I can use this publishing house without an account because I don't publish!". Wow.

@khm "rewrite it in rust" goes from being a myopic rallying cry to a direct threat

@khm "On February 8, 2021 the formation of the Rust Foundation was officially announced by its five founding companies (AWS, Huawei, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla)."

@khm Also a recent major browser. refuses to load on Qutebrowser 1.6.x for me.


I guess that's fair tho, I think Rust is open Open Source and does not claim to be Free Software (which it's far from it).

Maybe some day we see a compiler for it in GCC, that'd be pretty neat.

@khm wait what ? I'd love to read more on this, do you have articles/sources ?

@khm No language standard. No ABI standard. No interest from me.

@khm What bit exactly is proprietary?

Guix builds Rust entirely from source and it’d be bad if we were mistakenly shipping proprietary code.

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