as time goes on the term 'maker' bugs the hell out of me more and more

it seems to be needlessly vague and bizarrely demeaning, like the details of what is being made aren't important enough to follow up on

it's like calling a programmer a typist or a civil engineer a stamper

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@khm It's like calling a civil engineer a maker or a programmer a maker.

@khm it's something i would say to be really humble - like trying to convey that what i do is of no value

there definitely seems to be a sort of pretension or arrogance to the term though, like gentrified "diy" (or maybe it's the other way around, idk)

@dogstar yeah the more I think about it the more I think 'maker' is just the 21st century replacement for 'hobbyist' but with a youtube channel

@khm it has a very postmodern vibe, like,
"maker virtual symbolic things to be consumed quickly and forgotten just as quickly"

@khm "content creator" (instead of author, musician, video producer, ...)


My pet peeve:

"Maker space" => "Shop"

What was wrong with "shop?" Too blue collar?

@khm I've always thought that the term 'maker' is reserved for a certain class of people who are able to create various physical items on their own, as opposed to people who only do one thing (craftsman?).

I'd expect much more broad set of skills from someone who calls himself a 'maker' than from a regular carpenter, upholsterer or electrical engineer. So maybe the vagueness is intentional as a way to underline that

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