current working from home status: adapted

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@khm killer rig! Is that a tex shinobi? How you liking it?

@c_cooper it is! I have four of them. On two of them I've had to resolder the left mouse switch. Other than that they are perfect and I am super grateful they came out at a time I could afford them. If I win the lottery, I'll make polycarbonate cases for them.

@neutral it is -- and a Swissmicros DM42 next to the keyboard, because my HP-28s is at work and the HP-50g has an Enter key in the wrong place

@khm yeah recognized the dm42 immediately. love that calculator. still rocking the punkt too I see. did you back the mudita pure? I can't remember

@neutral No, but I'll probably buy one when they come out, just out of principle. The MP-02 actually just received a firmware update this month; just keeps getting better

@khm well dang would you look at that. Is texting any better now? Is the "space a space" bug finally squashed?

@neutral If the bug persists, I am no longer able to trigger it at all. Typing contractions involving apostrophes is also about a million times better now.

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