Looking forward to the day developmental psychology produces really useful insight into human growth instead of a series of performative cults whose adherents drown their own personalities in the pursuit of appearing The Most Developed.

Trying to glean practical information from these people is impossible; they much prefer to purse their lips and say "Mmmmmm... your son is behaving commensurate with Michelbaum-Ontrax Level IIIa(5) behavior."

great thanks your entire research field is a joke

When I was studying educational psychology and they were proselytizing Piaget's "4 Stages of Cognitive Development" it quickly became apparent that "4 stages" is oversimplification, and in practice everything just means whatever you want it to.

I thought this was because maybe Piaget was a pioneer and later attempts/approaches would improve, but no, they're all exactly the same blend of "suspiciously specific chapter titles" with "meaninglessly vague content" forever. Con artists, the lot

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As a result, the tools are useless except to people who REQUIRE an externally-defined framework to make sense of ANYTHING, and those people probably weren't in a good position to evaluate others in the beginning. Even when their assessment is helpful it's generally not because of any characteristics of the model in use, like ~the magic was inside them all along~

Meanwhile, impressionable people just read the model descriptions and start aping them and shit-talking people who don't, ugh

Every few years (ok every decade or so) I revisit this topic to see if anything useful is happening and it's just shitty models with new Ivy League names and a ton of psych grad students running around to conferences presenting science-poster equivalents of Instagram "tag yourself" memes

Piaget? No, Kohlberg! No, Perry! No, <insert old white man of the moment>

at least they're not evolutionary psychologists, I guess.

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