Turns it out doesn't matter how much of your life you devote to a global corporate hegemony: they still don't give a shit about you, and they never will.

@khm yick. my compromise is to use a domain i control .. and a mail provider i don't. - at least then I can redirect to recover things if need be.

@qbit Domain name is the most important piece, in my opinion. I'm a huge jerk so I also manage my own mail server and dns, but I concede that's inconvenient as hell.

@khm i was successfully running a mail server for (it's still "running" but it doesn't like when you send mail at it) - but when the openbsd smtpd syntax changed.. i never fully recovered.. What smtp server do you use? imap?

@qbit I use qmail and courier-imap. I'll probably switch to opensmtpd and courier-imap later this year, since I'm abandoning FreeBSD for OpenBSD.

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