Homey is pitching 5g networks to be used by a city government to tell when a streetlight lamp needs replacing.

Now I'm being told that buildings will have to be made differently so 5G and 6G frequencies can penetrate them. I suggested that maybe we could channel the 5G signal into some kind of physical media which we could direct through the walls, such as a piece of wire, and I was asked to take the talk more seriously please.

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Now I'm being informed we won't have to manage SSH keys because we can farm all that auth shit off to our neighborhood 5G provider!

"We learned how to to trust cloud service providers" (i.e. we give all our data to Amazon) therefore we should

learn how to trust mobile service providers (i.e. give all our shit to Verizon too!)

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When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a thumb.

@khm 5G vendors and service providers are itching to put 5G everywhere, even where it doesn't belong. For public safety systems like lights, I'd want private. CBRS might make a lot more sense in that situation.

@gedvondur @khm

Situations like streetlights or power meters are reasonable applications for connectivity over powerline ― long polling interval, small payload size, no reason for the device to be connected to anything in any other way ― unlike the absolutely terrible attempts at delivering broadband that way.

@gedvondur There is no world where maintaining constant radio comms to monitor hundreds/thousands of light bulbs makes any goddamn sense -- just let the populace report outages

@khm While I largely agree, I don't know that public-reported is good enough if there are traffic lights out.

Also, a private CBRS network could have a lot of municipal uses, but that would have to be a *much* bigger discussion than streetlights.

@gedvondur Oh, miscommunication here -- the use case here was *street* lights, not traffic lights. Like, the kind that just emit light from dusk til dawn.

@khm Oh, well fuck that then. 😉 I'm in total agreement with you.

This is like Nokia insisting that factory automation has to be on 5G.

Guess what, Nokia, nobody picks an access method and then goes out and searches for industrial automation that uses it. You buy the automation that suits your needs the best then connect it the way THEY say to connect it.

@khm @gedvondur

75 years ago or so, it was common practice to switch the streetlights in towns on & off by the use of a "high-frequency" (typically 600 Hz) tone injected into the power grid, pulling in a resonant relay. In principle, by switching branches one at a time, & carefully watching the ammeter, one could crudely locate dead lamps ; but I have read no reference to indicate that this was actually done.

@khm You are clearly in the presence of 5G zealots.

The millimeter wave technologies required for true heavy-duty 5G, make no sense in places that have internal walls.

These clowns think it will displace Wi-Fi. I have news for them.

@gedvondur it's a four-day 5G workshop for the whole research lab. Zealotry abounds, but fortunately the skeptics are holding the line...

@khm Keep up the good work! The 5G bullshit is just beginning.

@gedvondur We're also being asked to consider ways we can contribute to the development of 6G!

@khm Heh, of course. Gotta stay on the treadmill of upgrades!

The percentage of private cellular systems sold hasn't significantly changed in years. Yes, the overall market has gotten larger, but that slice remains constant.

They promised that private cellular networks would be taking over the world with 2G, 3G, and 4G. Now its 5G. I'm just not buying it.

@gedvondur I'd be more receptive* if they hadn't essentially guaranteed nothing would be interoperable thanks to the spectrum auctions. Amazing that the assholes who came up with it just got a nobel prize for it.

* ha ha

@khm That's some cult level stuff there. Perhaps a second solution would be to make the buildings out of radio transparent aluminum?

@khm TBH I'm really uncertain why we couldn't leave a bunch of 2/3g towers up right next to 5g and reserve the bandwidth for iot in general. Vast majority don't need much more than those can provide and are already installed/working.

@peregrine honestly because ss7 is utterly fucked and the sooner we can put a bullet in it the better.

I used to be a "2g is enough for me" person but ss7 really has to go.

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