possible reasons to use wayland that do not apply to me:
- "screen tearing"
- "I'm afraid of clipboards"
- "I'm afraid of screenshots"
- "I'm afraid of X11"

I'm looking for material benefits like "it uses less electricity" because switching to wayland involves giving up my preferred window manager (there is no wayland equivalent of 2wm) and also giving up X11 forwarding over ssh (which I use literally every day).

Is GUI acceleration paying for itself in terms of wattage today? Next year?

@khm As far as X11 forwarding goes, you can forward graphics over SSH using waypipe.

@robby Thanks for the pointer, I'll try this out. Nice to see software in the wild actually making use of AVX512, too

@khm Yes, for me these reasons seem wild and far-fetched. Until now, all the descriptions of the advantages of the wayland that I read focused on the fact that the developers simply decided to take up a new toy and no one would support X11🤣

@khm my reasons are “to be on the cutting edge” and “because there is no segregation between application events and privacy/malware” and as an alleged security professional I know for pretty damn sure the latter reason is bullshit given my “threat model” and the former reason is just set dressing for the latter.

So in my case there are no *good* reasons.

@khm but honestly half of what I do is just very dedicated and deeply crafted cosplay of pretending I have an iota of control in the world so ymmv.

@grimmware this is a pretty balanced answer and I'm basically on the same page, but I work for the government so I gave up all pretense of control some decades ago.

@khm there is part of me that feels like I wouldn’t be pretending if it wasn’t kinda fun so I might keep pretending.

hEllO mY NaMe’S mAtT wOUld YOu LiKe a cuP oF teA ThEr’s nOtHiNG InSidE kIlLing mE.

@khm Just tried it today, CPU usage was roughly 3x of what I'm used to with X on Sway vs i3

@just ouch. was this making use of any of the advanced instruction sets? I wonder if a more efficient crypto implementation could help

@khm Not sure, I used the versions from the official Arch repo:
wlroots built with:
-Dlibcap=enabled \
-Dlogind=enabled \
-Dlogind-provider=systemd \
-Dxcb-errors=enabled \
-Dxcb-icccm=enabled \
-Dxcb-xkb=enabled \
-Dxwayland=enabled \
sway built with:
--auto-features enabled --wrap-mode nodownload -D b_lto=true -D b_pie=true

Now I'm kindof tempted to write a proper reproducable benchmark using ydotool.

@khm I didn't even know that Wayland uses crypto... Processor is an i5-8265U so most modern instructions should be available.

@just crypto was the wrong word, I was thinking of compression. basically I suspect the performance of this tool will change greatly depending on which optimizations you can enable, since it's basically encoding a video stream on one end and playing it back on the other.

the 8265U supports avx2 but not avx512 -- though it occurs to me if you use avx512 to render waypipe output you'd be downclocking your whole terminal for the privilege!

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