it's 2020 and so I'm in a research strategy meeting arguing about hydrobiogeochemistry with three people I know and twenty-nine strangers, one of whom is very concerned about whether the timing on the powerpoint slides is correct

I don't know who needs to hear this, but the only thing worse than a powerpoint slide is an ANIMATED powerpoint slide.

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hi welcome to the research strategy presentation, drink every time you hear the phrase 'predictive understanding'

haha don't really do that you'll immediately die

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@neauoire I try not to dwell on the horrible choices I've made which led me to this place

@khm You may hate these people, but remember that some of them grew up in different environments. Some people were punished in their early teenage years for not having enough animations in their powerpoint slides.

@mcz And who is working on bringing justice to the adults who abused these children? How do I donate money or weapons to this cause?

@khm I do not know and I'm not ready for the consequences of answering these questions. PS‌ sorry for the late reply, had to consult my lawyer

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