One thing I've learned is that when someone goes and finds you to tell you you're an asshole, whatever problem they've got is their own.

If someone has a legit beef, they can strip the names off it and proclaim it to the world, and be a part of those aspects of society that might one day fix whatever is pissing them off.

Declining to do that, and instead chasing down some stranger to berate as an effigy, means they know they don't have a leg to stand on, or they're not healthy enough to stand.


Someone direct-messaged me to bitch at me about this post and I thought it was a hilarious joke and then they blocked me so maybe they were actually just a dipshit with absolutely no self-awareness?

There is no way to know so I choose to believe the 'it was a joke' theory because that was a pretty solid joke

@khm maybe they disagree with you that that's how it is and therefore saw nothing wrong with dm'ing you

@Hyolobrika the DM they sent me ignored the things I said and expressly focused on calling me names and telling me to stop posting

that's why I thought it was such a great joke

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