One thing I've learned is that when someone goes and finds you to tell you you're an asshole, whatever problem they've got is their own.

If someone has a legit beef, they can strip the names off it and proclaim it to the world, and be a part of those aspects of society that might one day fix whatever is pissing them off.

Declining to do that, and instead chasing down some stranger to berate as an effigy, means they know they don't have a leg to stand on, or they're not healthy enough to stand.

If something is wrong enough to get angry about as a matter of principle, there's no point in picking a scapegoat and harassing them.

When you're pissed at something on the internet, you can write a comprehensive rebuttal to convince the world to agree with you, or not -- there's no shortage of people willing to argue with you.

When you're pissed at some*one* on the internet, you need to ask yourself -- is this their fault, or is there a deeper issue that you're ACTUALLY mad at?

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People accidentally answering that question incorrectly is the reason social media generally sucks so hard.

People deliberately answering that question wrong are either trolls or propagandists, depending on whether they're paid to do it.

People who learn to be careful about answering that question correctly are the sole reason the internet is still worth using.

Which team do you want to be on?

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And don't get me wrong -- I've played for all of those teams, over the years. I'm not coming to this topic as some high-horse mindfulness consultant with toe-shoes and a book deal about backpacking.

I'm saying this as a dyed-in-the-wool asshole, the kind of idiot who has to learn everything he knows the hard way.

You owe it to yourself to understand your own motivations.

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Someone direct-messaged me to bitch at me about this post and I thought it was a hilarious joke and then they blocked me so maybe they were actually just a dipshit with absolutely no self-awareness?

There is no way to know so I choose to believe the 'it was a joke' theory because that was a pretty solid joke

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@khm not sure about the last part.

As Corry Docterow states in his new essay on surveillance capitalism, social media is not a magical mind control mashie that can manipulate our emotions - but it can indeed make us miserable and make us interact with stuff longer than we intended to.

So maybe this is not inherent to social media, but a design choice of current social media implementations.

Smart thread anyway 💖

@randomthoughts I'm not sure about any of it! I have no formal structure of logic underlying this, just decades of animal instinct.

But yeah, all media is social, and the crap I'm spouting here does apply just as well in real life. The same basic principles underlie a lot of schoolyard bullying -- among other similarly-classed behavior.

@khm maybe they disagree with you that that's how it is and therefore saw nothing wrong with dm'ing you

@Hyolobrika the DM they sent me ignored the things I said and expressly focused on calling me names and telling me to stop posting

that's why I thought it was such a great joke

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