The Linux Foundation is now attacking ... email. Microsoft says plain text is too hard when using any of the email clients from vendors who sit on the board of the Linux Foundation.

The email clients don't need to change, says Microsoft. We just need to use something else.

@khm "Plaintext email is too hard to use" I'm sorry, come again?

@allison The article relates a hilarious story where both GMail and Apple Mail fucked up a patch. This is regarded as a failing in email, since the email clients are flawless "because business."

@allison @khm Not only, but "we can't get maintainers because email is too hard".

Someone who can't figure out how to send out proper emails shouldn't be allowed to admit patches to or oversee any serious bit of code.

@cadadr @allison @khm

I don't know that this exactly follows. One can be a good programmer without having the patience to deal with every arbitary interface to closed-source blobs that one comes across!

But I genuinely feel that plain-text e-mail ought to be a kind of lowest common denominator, & if it has become difficult to access, that is an important failure mode.

@publius @allison @khm Agreed. It's more about, it can't be that big a hurdle. It can't barr one from contributing if they know enough computing to write a patch for an OS kernel or driver.


> [...] says Microsoft. We just need to use something else.

Well, the Linux kernel is lucky, because Microsoft does have an alternative for open source software development :)

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