We're a mostly-but-not-entirely open-source shop. The science is all open, including our data! By law! No excuses!

If you want to work for a nonprofit that operates a government research facility, here we are. Feel free to ask me whatever questions you have.

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This job starts remote because of covid but we pay relocation -- we'll cover your move here.

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@khm in a different life I would apply to this in a second. Nearly moved to the pnw but chickened out and stayed in the midwest.

Honestly I would be happy to work at Hanford. Even more so if the site were under heavy load serving the needs of a growing, vital nuclear energy sector.

@publius Hanford didn't make power -- it was a plutonium production facility! Currently most of the work there is cleanup. There is a nuclear power station nearby: Energy Northwest.

EMSL (where I work) is a "user facility." Scientists around the world are free to leverage our instruments and expertise for no cost, and in return we share the generated data with the world (also at no cost). We focus on environmental and biological science from the quantum scale up through regional modeling


I am familiar with the site & its history, yes. I was hoping to tour the Columbia Generating Station a few years ago when I was in Spokane for the World Science Fiction Convention, but the public affairs person was on vacation that week, & anyway everything was on fire.

I see Hanford & Savannah River as perfect sites for civil nuclear fuel cycle centers, with industrial & scientific activities side-by-side, supporting one another.


There was a time when the various activities on the Hanford site contributed significantly to civil nuclear energy work, particularly on the fuel cycle end.

The production reactors (I presume mainly N-Reactor, considering the time frame) were used to supply the uranium-233 for the Shippingport Light Water Breeder Reactor core. Hanford was also where the early work on plutonium recycle in thermal reactors (eg, MOX fuel in LWRs) was carried out.


It's almost incredible to think that, when construction on the production complex began, the only reactor which had ever operated was CP-1 at a thermal power of ten watts or less, & the quantities of plutonium which had been separated were still microscopic. It would be like, I don't know, going from the first transistor to the 8086 or Z80 microprocessor in 18 months!

@publius One thing I noticed the first time I toured Hanford was the set of gargantuan air movers that circulated air through the facility. Air conditioning wouldn't be commonly deployed in offices for another decade or so. For some reason this really highlighted for me the world in which they achieved this technological advance.

@khm this looks like an opportunity I would gladly enjoy... If only I was living around :-/
But your toot gives me hope I can find something similar. Good luck.

@khm @thegibson And unlike most IT jobs at PNNL doesn’t require dealing with Q clearance stuff. Nice.

@brad @TheGibson EMSL users are worldwide. F.A.I.R. data, open science, and I even managed to get the Lab to sign some corporate CLAs so we can contribute code back upstream.


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