The Pinebook Pro is proof positive that a competent laptop, affordably sold by a customer-focused manufacturer, benefiting from thousands of open-source contributors around the world, will not fully function under any operating system without severe manual intervention by the owner on an ongoing basis.

Buy now if you like running outdated kernel forks copied from some rando's dropbox share, then shoved into SourceForge's download manager!

It really is the heroic success story of our age

@khm This honestly just sounds like the experience of every other ARM device running Linux but with extra steps. If I get one, I'll probably try NetBSD or 9front on it

@allison I have one. I wasn't able to get 9front to boot on it, but I didn't try very hard because the mouse is trash. I'm currently trying to choose between installing OpenBSD on it or getting rid of it.

@khm that's just more proof that it's actually yours 😜

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