what on earth is the point of a 'server monitoring dashboard' that only supports monitoring localhost? why the hell do you need a dashboard for one computer?

@khm my server went down this night. My provider's log can tell me when I started it, but not when it went down

@khm ok, now I know. I did a fshalt on my laptop yesterday, but I was still connected to my cpu... 🤦‍♂️

@khm that was my first time 😂. I must've been tired yesterday

@sirjofri this is a good reason for logging, but not a good reason for a 'dashboard' that runs as a daemon and only runs when your server is online

but mostly I think anyone who has need of a dashboard for one computer probably has need of a dashboard for multiple computers (but I keep seeing single-system dashboards, so I am confused)

@khm I guess some people want control they don't need and don't have. What do I gain from knowing that I have 50 processes instead of 48?

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