@publius I bought a Tex Shinobi keyboard, and I turned out to love it. Then I got scared they would never make them again so I ordered two more. Now I'm set for life

I wondered if perhaps this was a sighting of the rare* Thinkpad Desktop.

*or non-existent

@publius I've been pursuing a durable thinkpadlike keyboard for ... more years than I care to count. It's finally here, but the search has had its cost

@khm Rather! I didn’t know non-lappy keyboards came with them. Better than a touchpad, I reckon.


I like the trackball as well... What brand and model is that?

@ParadeGrotesque Here: xkeys.com/l-tracblue.html

In retrospect I with I would have bought the red one, or maybe the non-illuminated one. The blue is *bright*.

@khm that's a lot of clits. all-Lenovo shop?

@bamfic The occasional Dell product makes an appearance. The dress code is "at least three physical mouse buttons per pointing device."

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