@ken_fallon @perloid hello chaps. Where's the source code for the hpr website? I'd like to propose a minor edit or two. :)

@popey @perloid Not easily available. Re major rewrite that is due to the entire
@hpr site.

Just send admin@hackerpublicradio.org an email with the changes and we'll do them.

@ken_fallon @perloid @hpr Not open source makes popey sad. One easy fix is to remove social media posts at the footer for G+ which no longer exists.

@popey @perloid @hpr Ho it's open source no probs there. Problem is the whole thing is LAMP based and we're concerned that making the code public would not be a good thing.

We are wanting (for some time) to move to producing a static site based on the DB and Git.

Ideas would be welcome.

@ken_fallon @perloid @hpr It's open source but the source isn't published or available? Sorry, what.

@popey @perloid @hpr

Correct. As per the lisence we are not obliged to release code running on the server as we don't share the code.

Most of our tools are(was) available and the non dogey stuff is(was) also available on gitlab. The dogey stuff is(was) also available on gitlab just not public to the world.

The gitlab instance got shut down and we have had to move to repo.anhonesthost.net/
With one thing and another I can't say for sure if everything is there yet.

@ken_fallon @perloid @hpr Ok, I have immediately lost all interest in contributing if you feel that being technically compliant with the license, and not actually sharing the code to make it possible to contribute is all good. Never mind.

@popey @perloid

No not so fast. !

I am more than happy to give you the code access to the code and for you to publish it. We do not have the resources to deal with the security implications that that would entail. If you are willing to take on the responsibility then feel free to do so, @hpr is a volunteer project after all. Just send me your public key and you can get access today.

@popey @perloid @hpr

The code was hacked together php 10 years ago and has only gotten slightly better in that time. There is absolutely zero re-usability from the current code and is not fit for purpose. I will help you out as much as I can but my focus is on getting away from that code and to something that is open from the ground up.

@popey @perloid @hpr If it's ok with you I would like to copy and paste this thread into the @hpr mail list.

It brings up an important point about the site that has not been discussed in a while.


@popey @perloid @hpr @hpr

The @hpr database is now available daily from the same place where you can get nigh on 17 years of podcasting goodness.


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