MEMO to all developers

Locking format customization to locales was a BAD mistake, has existed for years in many applications and OS's, and needs to be fixed.

The idea assumes that no person from the US uses metric. That NL wants to be tied to "DD/MM/YYYY', and to using a comma for decimal separator, that everyone in Sweden can speak Swedish.

Formats must be customizable.

Please boost.

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Using locales one can change this things easily by just setting environment variables. I think this is actually quite nice.

There may be some cases where you want a format that is not available as a locale but that's quite rare. Maybe there should be a tool to create your own locales more easily.

@ken_fallon 100% agree. The amount of times I'm forced to work around the retarded US date format (mm/dd/yy) -even in FOSS solutions properly configured for European locales- is baffling.
This can be outright dangerous considering the errors it can lead to.

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