@hpr needs more shows. If you a) know what @hpr is and b) you have not introduced yourself please so so.

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@publius @hpr *cough* You owe me a show *cough* 😉

Well now would be a great time to do one. Seriously.

@ken_fallon @hpr

I see that 2021-12-20 is still available. That is the 70th anniversary of the first generation of electricity from Experimental Breeder Reactor #1. I could definitely talk about that, if it would be of interest, & if I can get through the submission process in that time.

@publius @hpr This ?? ?

You're joking right !

If you are ever unsure about if a show will be of interest or not, we have a highly sophisticated (Patent Pending) A.I. that can answer that question based on your interaction with the site.

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