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1000 BC China, there has a country named Song, small and weak, while her neigbor Chu is big and strong.

But the king of Song hates Chu. Every morning meeting he mock Chu as monkey and rural. Gradually, the king and Song people deeply thought Chu is rural and weak.

One day, the king thought it's time to punish Chu, so he assemble his army to attack Chu.

In a very short time, his army was defeated... 😂

Nowadays, take a look at India vs China.

Let's pray for India'a army! 😂

Why golang doesn't support ?: or ? Really made me confused! :upset:

Early morning, I saw a video 2 Japanese ask American hero apologize for WW2 nuclear bomb injury. What the shame of JP! have you ever apologize to Asian people?Fuck the unfair Japanlese.

Lang March 5 failed because of Control System. Programmers come on!

Why Chinese like drinking boiled water? Well, I think drink boiled water may come from Tradition Chinese Medicine. When I was a child in 1980s Henan province, every family has a pressure wells in their yard. Children like to drink water directly, because it's very sweet and cool. But parents may told us not to drink directly but to drink boiled cool water. Whenver you go to see a TCM doctor, they always told you drink more boiled water...

Hey guys, who are using ? Have someone write plugin used for dynamic scrolling lyrics?

Positive news should be spread out, but the Media are enlarging negative news. Western media freedom has drawbacks. The world is much better than what the Media report, don't push good people(like good muslims) turn to bad guy via your reporting.

How do young Chinese see modern history? Here is a view: na2 = 那年那兔那些事儿

It reminds me a scence from "Forrest Gump", Gump return to America after Vietnam War and attend a convocation, nobody has listen what he said till the last few words, and it push the rally to the climax. You know what I want to say? Freedom and Democracy is nothing but USA need them to show herself, I really like they use "Banana" or "Ice cream" to instead "Freedom" and "Democracy", because Americans crushed the two beautiful words.

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