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In my opinion, American's "Freedom" or "Democracy" is just a slogan to introduce itself to world, why USA is so strong because we are "Freedom" and "Democracy". After so many years advertising,the 2 words meaning changed, and they are labeled as "Universal value". Universal value? ridiculous!!!


Using RNN and LSTM to generate ancient Chinese poems, funny and readable. (Actually lack of something like 'poet artistic conception') 从容峰岸啸初开,曾道神功月会频;只为钱陵庄叟旧,不曾知我有何人。

I'm a Chinese christian, but I disagree with what South Korea missonary done in Pakistan, they instigate a young Chinese couple to fulfill the big mission in Pakistan, and the young couple were killed by ISIS. Well, every chiriatan are wating for Jesus reback and willing to fulfill the big mission, but but but please show respect to the un-christian people, they are no more evil than the christians. Anyway, we are all human beings.


By the way, China people is shy to say love, that doesn't mean they don't understand love, oon the contrary they know deep!

Father's Day is coming, but how to celebrate the day with my dear daddy. China people is shy to say love, but I gonna giving him a warm hug! How time flows, daddy getting older, so sad in deep heart! :sad:

"道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物!" The Daoist philosophy forms the cornerstone of Chinese culture, Almost every Chinese's daily behavior is influenced by it! Like Chinese characters, The description of the "道" in Tao Te Ching is very close to the Bible's description of God, but more understandable as human being. Bible is God talk to human, Tao Te Ching is human see God behavior and his deep sensibility. Actually Taoist is not a religion but a philosophy!


@maiyannah coincidentally I read this article shared by someone on my Twitter.

After years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts:

I dislike Windows OS, maybe too familiar, . Colledge time and early work time, got a PC or a Notebook then install/reinstall again and again Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8, sound like shit.

Oh no no no! So tied today! Didn't sleep well last night, now on, no more beer, no more e-game.

Ohps! Mastodon media post api seems returns wrong text_url!! :angry:

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