Positive news should be spread out, but the Media are enlarging negative news. Western media freedom has drawbacks. The world is much better than what the Media report, don't push good people(like good muslims) turn to bad guy via your reporting.

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@kangdaddy have you seen what is happening in the uk with jeremy corbyn ?

@kangdaddy the way he managed to run a campaign when the press was running negative stories, being undermined by his own party

@olima Not him. it's the Youths and Depressions. For them the negative reports will make the world worse. But there are so many warm and positive events for them to accept where they are living.

@kangdaddy yeah. I think we are living interesting times.
For instance I don't think Macron will do anything besides making people feel good for a year or so

@kangdaddy what upsets me is I dont believe we should be working

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