I spent a while last night playing with , and honestly… it looks kinda neat?

It's unfortunate that it has the stench of all over it, though. The lead developers seem to be closely tied to various -coin projects. On average they seem to be the less-dodgy-looking ones, but that's a pretty low bar.

Does anyone out there in the Fediverse use IPFS for things wholly unrelated to web3/crypto stuff? I'd like to understand the potential use cases and utility a bit better.

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@kadin Here's the thing #IPFS yes is in bed with a storage based crypto company, but .... IPFS was created long before web3 and their p2p lib "libp2p" is a defacto library for #p2p and #decentralized networking. Also libp2p was a join venture which took 10 years to find the best of p2p. Download IPFS explorer or use Brave browser , setup a website its pretty awesome.

@nixfreak @kadin at the risk of being crypto-reply-guy, IPFS isn't in bed with a storage-based crypto company -- it's the same people, who are now in the "how do we incentivise public good provision" corner of -- well, what is now seen as crypto, but I suspect will be the useful/interesting bit left when everything else fades away. #filecoin was intended to be the incentive layer of IPFS, and to the extent that it's create 16EiB of available low-cost/free storage, it's a useful addition

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