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I think one problem is there's no good definition of "social media site". refers to "interactive computer service"—that's it. It's never been clear what the limits are.

In '96, intent was really to protect ISPs, webhosts, and AOL-type services with chat/news/boards.

Today, I think drawing a red line when a provider actively promotes certain content for its own benefit (e.g. FB, ) is a start, as a clear standard.

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@kadin User-generated (or submitted) content is a huge element.

There's something of an increasing scale of concern with text, images, audio, video, data, and code / executables, as well.

Algorthmic promotion is another huge element.

What FB and the like bring to bear is both social graph and developing behavioural profiles based on both on-site interactions and off-site activity (online, and increasingly, offline / real-space, including location and commerce data).

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