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Released a new Cavernlord album just now: Reckless Traversing

from the BC page:
This album was a result of some serious black pills. Always remember β€” there is light at the end of the tunnel after all the systems currently in place fail. The time before recorded history was our golden age. We shall return... Written and performed by Nathaniel β€œNamtarΓ€um” Leveck Β©β„— 2019 All Rights Reserved. All instrumentation and vocals recorded live at Natanas Studios in Wyoming.

New on RPoD: The RPoD Plucker Collection. I will be posting plucker files I make or find here: gopher://

am I the only one who likes to use cacaview over ssh to look at pictures on gopher? It just seems appropriate...

Spent the day so far writing some new scripts for my gopherhole. First was to reuse the php script for the www view of my Twitpher feed to make a feed like experience for port 70. Next was to link to a Palm Doc file version of my complete phlog that gets generated automagically whenever I post an update. As an aside -- apache mod_markdown has made symlinking the gopherlog to my www site super painless.

Age: In my prime
Sex: 100% male
Occupation: Singer, sex machine
Hobbies: SEX, singing, vibrating my hands, jogging, golf, tennis, pool, swimming, driving my fast cars, making people feel jealous, looking in the mirror, tending to my fine mullet, bowling, shopping, traveling, pumping iron.

More information:

If you're feeling scrappy, please improve this! It is very basic and only works on fairly vanilla sites (links and images anyway).

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last two posts are a cleaned up, but still very kludgey https->http proxy for use with plucker. this should be used as a cgi-bin script on a not public httpd.

#========8<======= part 2of 2

and massage your content, changing hyperlinks to this proxy
curl -sS "$req" | sed "/href=\"[[:alnum:]]/ s@href=\"@href=\"$req2@g; /href=\"\// s/href=\"/href=\"https:\/\/$dom/g; /src=\"[[:alnum:]]/ s@src=\"@src=\"$req2@g; /src=\"\// s/src=\"/src=\"$dom/g; s@"$req2"http@http@g;s@https://http://@http://@g"

on curl and gridsite-clients
this to your server

req=$(urlencode -d "$1")
req2="$ths$(urlencode "$req")"
dom=$ths"https:\/\/"$( printf "$1" | awk -F[/:] '{print $4}' )

your mime header!
curl -sSI "$req" | printf "%s\n\n" "$(grep "^Content-Type:" | sed 's/text\/plain/text\/html/')"

#======8<==========part 1 of 2

I have a kludgey but working https to http proxy for using plucker with modern sites... way too nasty to share yet. I will be working on this further.

and the solution was to set the image processor in .pluckerrc to netpbm2 instead of pil2. Nice. Now to make a non-www-reachable php page on a local apache install to curl https pages. Because curling to a file then using a file:// URL does not work.

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Odd... apt search never showed plucker. Installed synaptic on RPoJ and there it was. Now to figure out the error while converting [all images] with PIL issue.

Today I had an email reply I did not expect from the author of Yanoff+ saying he'd sell me a license when he got back from vacation. This has been on my list of wanted software for a long time. Finally a kill file having NNTP client for PalmOS!

@jirka Got Sunrise XP working on my Thinkpad (running Devuan) under Wine. If you're a fan on 1930s fiction, checkout -- all complete issues from Project Gutenberg converted to plucker.

Palm OS users: is there a terminal based way to produce Plucker documents? Hopefully something that can use curl or wget in addition to plaintext. What do you use?

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