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@visiblink pemmican can last for 30 years with no airtight container... you are correct on the berries, but it adds a good flavor! I do subscribe to the Townsends channel. Their video taught me about yeastless breads, and rendering suet. I'm planning on seeing if my local butcher will sell me some kidney fat next time we go shopping.

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@solderpunk It's all good... so far it has been self driving. There is a userbase of posters and the content has been fairly interesting.

@cat @solderpunk I have a USB tape deck that I used for the distro. Levels were automatic using that. Prior to that piece of kit, I used another tape deck via RCA cables from a USB audio interface. I kept a tape laying around just for setting levels, then recorded the tape I needed. I have a 5 deck duplicator as well, but it needs new belts, and I never needed the capacity...

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Forming ideas for an AD&D 1e game world utilizing Spelljammer and Planescape. It would be an interesting place for my fighter to live, I think.

As a kid, I always skipped Prince Valiant in the Sunday paper. Man, was I misguided. Prince Valiant is one bad ass some bitch. I am completely hooked. I have volumes 1 & 2 coming to sit beside Conan on my book shelf.

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I wanted a leather bound "Tome of Mapping." (a hardback book of blank graph paper) I could find nothing like this, so I made one. I used 11"x17" graph paper, embroidery thread to sew the signatures, some press board for the covers, some faux leather to cover the outside, elmers glue to secure things, and some cotton fabric to cover the spine. I think it turned out well.

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