Anyone have any ideas about a spot on an HP Omnibook 300 or 425 I could reasonably pull 5v from without significantly or irreversibly modifying the device?

There's not a consistent 5v on the parallel port or the serial port, AFAIK, so I'd need to try and draw from the PCMCIA slot, I guess?

To aid in job hunting, I have replaced my flip phone with a Samsung J7 Crown. Using the T-UI launcher, and termux, it is pretty comfy. I needed screen real estate and chrome for submitting applications...

Odd mood... listening to a playlist of Marduk and Slowdive. Just compiled Plan9 From User Space, running Rio. Pretty neat. I need to do some read though, because as of right meow, a terminal is open for everything graphical I want to run. Surely there is a facility to accomplish something like dmenu. Don't tell me! I got this!

My daughter, Lucille, and I like to cook together on the weekends. We just made some xxxtra hot cheetos encrusted cheese sticks. They were so good, I do not have a photo to post... Tomorrow morning we are likely making crunch-wraps for breakfast.

D'oh! RPoD was down all night due to my DNS script suddenly deciding not to work... Had to reboot the router last night, and did not check!

From the bottom of my heart: fuck systemd.

@yrabbit likely muliple of these... cueing up my collection of *install gentoo* memes... I was surprised by this behavior as well. As I need to wake up early in the morning I threw in the towel. I may give gentoo a shot on RPoP (RPi 3b) on some other day and see what I think.

@jynx TIL that a 64bit OS on an RPi 3b+ is just not a performant choice. This conclusion was reached while running st on ratpoison and having cd take 8 seconds. I think that I shall reserve this experiment for an RPi 4 (sometime in the future, no current plans to buy). Also, firefox ESR 60 on Devuan never successfully attached to browsh. Nothing ventured, nothing something something...

@papa doesn't seem to exist in the PalmOS-API... this is its own beast.

Devuan downloaded, dd'd to new uSD, booted, partition expanded, user added, root passwd changed, dotfiles downloading. Nice.

Oh hell yes! Devuan has Raspberry Pi 3b arm64 images @ I use Devuan on my Thinkpad, and like it quite a bit.

I have spent the better part of a week trying to figure out how to get the date into a static char[] in a cheesy onboardC app I am writing for Palm OS >3.5. C is not a strong skill language of mine. I have tried many iterations such as taking TimGetSeconds and using StrIToA to stick it in another variable. Assigning that to a text field results in a fatal error, as do other things I have attemped. Ideally I’d like an ISO8601 date I can assign to a text field. Help?

I am thinking I am going to buy a new 128gb uSD card for RPoJ and install Ubuntu 18/arm64 on it instead of Raspbian. I wanted to screw around with browsh and Firefox ESR 52 just won’t cut it. Should be fairly painless - *all* my stuff in in git, I’ll still have the current card, still debian based so muscle memory remains, and of course the terminal looks the same. Suggestions or arguments for a different option? Hit reply.

prctools included on the cd that came with the Palm OS Programming Bible requires cygwin... not included. Cygwin currently does not support Windows XP. Thankfully there is the Cygwin Time Machine!

People against the 2nd Amendment have little regard for their fellow citizens. A feeling that the government is the sole rightful armed party. You are neglecting that the 2A is not for hunting or dueling. It is specifically to enable us to depose a tyranical government. You know, the one you're building up by making sure they are the only armed party? Criminals have no care for law. You are seeking the disarming of the law-abiding.

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