Currently rendering tallow... have the slow cooker under paper towels to try and stop from coating my kitchen in grease.

D&D Nerd Shit 

Tonight’s RPG fun... 

I wanted a leather bound "Tome of Mapping." (a hardback book of blank graph paper) I could find nothing like this, so I made one. I used 11"x17" graph paper, embroidery thread to sew the signatures, some press board for the covers, some faux leather to cover the outside, elmers glue to secure things, and some cotton fabric to cover the spine. I think it turned out well.

Rampant Nerdery 

While I hold that there is no such thing as man-made global warming (I have no doubts that climate is changing, I just think people are deluded in thinking man is the cause), and that the carbon scam is a method of currency extraction, I got a kick out of this result...

Installed a pcmcia ssd I had laying around into my HP Omnibook 530. Just xcopied eveything over after a format /s. Works great. Old drive was the original pcmcia microdrive.

Revamped my Editor RPG -- a solo RPG hex crawl for vim.

Find it here:

Thanks @yrabbit for suggesting some changes...

Fun project of the day -- repasted my Thinkpad x201. So far it does seem to be running cooler. The processor was over-pasted previously and was a real mess.

Also did some work on my WWW site ( which displays my phlog as a blog. Got the size down while adding some 88x31 banners. imagemagick to the rescue! Note: the robots.txt file on both mirrors of my gopher proxy protect gopher from ethical bots. Gopher links in my blog are funneled through this proxy.

Since I am giving suggestions to gopher client makers... it would be super cool if someone essentially remade TurboGopher. It would seem to me that the sourcecode (if it is even accessible anywhere) would be so very tied to Classic MacOS that it would likely be a larger undertaking to port than to start from scratch. As far as GUI gopher clients go, the first was the best (IMHO).

inb4: get coding

On new years eve in Phoenix, AZ, 1998, I attended a concert. The line up was Soulfly, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, and Black Sabbath. I found a rip of a DVD of a VHS camcorder recording of the Pantera set and watched the crowd shots frame by frame. Pretty sure I found myself. Pic related...

just because I've been on a scrot-spree lately... 

Nothing going on, so have some Unix Porn 

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