prctools included on the cd that came with the Palm OS Programming Bible requires cygwin... not included. Cygwin currently does not support Windows XP. Thankfully there is the Cygwin Time Machine!

Took a picture of my collection tonight...
Apple Newton eMate 300
Alphasmart Dana
Sony Clie PEG UX50
Handspring Visor Deluxe (x2)
Palm IIIxe
HP 200LX (x2)
Palm Zire 21
Handera 330 (x2)
Palm Tungsten W
Palm Tungsten C
Sharp β€œRealPro”
Palm Tungsten T3
Sharp Zaurus C3100
Palm Lifedrive
Handspring Treo 90
Palm T|X (I have another at work, unpictured)

Palm OS users: post your launchers! What launcher and theme are you using? Use gopher:// to take a screenshot if you do not have another way (will be in PCX format, use Gimp to convert). Mine is LauncherX, Gant2 theme.

Sweet! an $8 eBay purchase just arrived! An β€œuntested” Tungsten T3 (that works fine if you have a charge cable), and a Palm UltraThin Keyboard.

For those following the Treo90 update saga, I have been victorious thanks to a reddit user on /r/Palm. If you need this update for your Handspring Treo90, I have posted the link here:

It will also be in the RPoD Palm Software section soon.

ha! Sometimes it pays to have a Windows XP lappy sitting around... honestly I forgot about my toughbook!

Writing a phlog entry in vim, via ssh from an iPad Pro, with a bluetooth keyboard. Took the photo with my Sony Clie Peg UX50.

The phlog phost I was writing is now at gopher:// and β€” β€œOn the 90 percent of gopher”

$3.00 goodwill find: classic iPod 30 pin connector clock radio. Funny thing was that I went there intending to buy this item, since they always have them there.

Now the proud owner of a 256gb solid state iPod Video with RockBox installed. I managed to destroy the replacement battery I bought but the battery it came with seems decent so far.

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