Took a picture of my collection tonight...
Apple Newton eMate 300
Alphasmart Dana
Sony Clie PEG UX50
Handspring Visor Deluxe (x2)
Palm IIIxe
HP 200LX (x2)
Palm Zire 21
Handera 330 (x2)
Palm Tungsten W
Palm Tungsten C
Sharp β€œRealPro”
Palm Tungsten T3
Sharp Zaurus C3100
Palm Lifedrive
Handspring Treo 90
Palm T|X (I have another at work, unpictured)

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@jynx that's surprisingly not anxiety inducing to look at. I would have thought that many machines would be, but they're all so cute

@jynx so many personal assistants. you must be very organized.

Those little palmtop HP machines really get my neurons firing!

@jynx @bamfic

Just so you know, the best is a psion 3. Accept no substitute. I can pretty much touch-type on it. And two AA cells last a week or more.

@jynx @bamfic @tomasino @ajdunevent

@EdS @jynx @bamfic @tomasino @ajdunevent

The original Psion Series 3 is not that nice (that with smaller screen), I guess?

I personally prever the 3a model (even thought the 3mx is much faster).

But I still prefer to use the Palms because of their size and durability (no fragile display hinges/cables, more durable plastics, less keys which may detach...).

@jirka @EdS @jynx @bamfic @tomasino @ajdunevent I still have it, though I can't use it any more - after I closed it one day, the hinges broke and if I ever opened it again the pieces of it will fly everywhere.

I always liked Psions more than Palms because they were real computers, just pocket-sized. But the moving parts were always problem.

@logout @EdS @jynx @bamfic @tomasino @ajdunevent For sure, PSIONs can do much more and often in more straightforward way.

But fragility of hardware ruins their advantages. It might be OK in 1990s but their plastics are way too fragile now 😞

@tomasino @bamfic @jirka @logout @ajdunevent @EdS I have read over the years about people's hinge issues with the psion 3. Hinges are a general weak point. I have a busted hinge on one of my HP200LX's and one that is going out on my Fujitsu Lifebook...

@jynx HP 200LX hinges are MUCH better that Psion 3 ones.

@jynx @tomasino @bamfic @jirka @logout @ajdunevent @EdS
I worry about this with my current Gemini PDA. My HP OmniGo 100 seems to be holding up...same with the Zaurus SL-C3100. My Clie NZ90 has a pretty beefy hinge for opening the device, but I worry about the screen rotation. The hinge on my Lifebook is still solid, but it is a little newer (compared to the other devices.)

@xiled @jynx @tomasino @bamfic @logout @ajdunevent @EdS Zaurus hinges seem to be well-designed. These hinges can be loose after years of use but I never saw really broken hinge nor broken display cable.

@tomasino @bamfic @jirka @logout @ajdunevent @EdS May I get you to explain more about "they were real computers"? In the same sense as the HP LX line?

@jynx @tomasino @bamfic @logout @ajdunevent @EdS

They have keyboard, graphical OS, build-in office applications (word processor which understands RTF, spreadsheet which understand Lotus123 format and so), they have build-in programming language (the OPL) which can be used for creating applications (including GUI) or for to control the system. And they came communicate by XModem or ZModem (I think) via serial cable. There is normal (FAT) file system.

@jynx @tomasino @bamfic @logout @ajdunevent @EdS

They even can have DOS-style command prompt (but they of course cannot run DOS or Windows programs).

Palm PDA were designed to be a companion to desktop and they did that great, don't get me wrong - I like Palms, I have about twenty of them. But Psion since Series 3 had multitasking, database, programming language built-in, you could print on a postscript printer right from the device. You could connect floppy drive, use it as a terminal, …
I know people who didn't have anything else than Series 5mx or Series 7 as late as 2005 and used it as a desktop computer.

@logout impressive! There was a time I used my 200LX as a desktop... I had MS Windows 3.0 running in real mode with Excel and some other software on it. Pretty sweet setup a miniature computer that meets your needs.

@EdS @jynx @bamfic @tomasino @ajdunevent Series 3a could do _WAY_ more on two AA than a week of normal usage. With 2500 mAh rechargables my record was 63 hours of use! In 2004/2005 this was my main portable, I even had e-mail working on it.


I was a Palm geek! I loved my (CompactFlash-upgraded) LifeDrive!

Did you ever visit the old phpBB site called "Th3Palmz" (from over a decade ago)?

@ajdunevent don’t recall that site, but there were many other spot online back then to nerd out on Palm.

@jynx Back in the day I had the Palm III, plus that keyboard AND a dial up model that attached to the bottom of the Palm III. A good friend of mine had the Clie as well. Truly a civilized OS ahead of its time. :)

@tomte I had the modem springboard for the Handspring Visor... you just brought back memories of plugging in to a borrowed phone line at a party to check email. :^]

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