Is there something like HyperCard on the classic Mac for the *NIX terminal? Asking for a friend...

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@jynx all i can think of when it comes to an environment that allows you to write and code on the terminal is Emacs… surely some combo of modes and lisp can do what you want but it will never be HyperCard.

@kensanata I use wiki-like things fairly often. Your phlog has sparked some of this BTW. You’re right, though, it’ll never be HyperCard. My grandfather was an IBM’er (amongst other career choices), he knew the Steves when they were starting Apple. He gave me my first two computers: an IBM XT and a Macintosh (SE?). The Mac had devel tools out the yang on floppy. I would extract resources out of video games such as Sim Earth and use the graphics and sounds in HyperCard. So long ago.

@jynx Hah, sounds like good times! πŸ˜€ Sadly I Never got into HyperCard. But when I read about it later, it seemed all that is good about Twine games, wikis, programming, web apps, multimedia – what you wanted. And a tool, not an app. Oh well…

@jynx If the only requirement is a hypertext-like environment in the Unix terminal, then you might try Lynx. But if you actually want to run old Hypercard stacks then I think emulation is the only way.

@tomte So many wiki-like things are available on the terminal, lynx being semi-related... Hypercard was of course so much more. I can envision something similar living in plaintext, maybe in a canvas provided by curses. I am afraid this vision is much larger than my abilities to code!

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