🧐 Remember: you are being lied to. About absolutely everything. Do not get worked up by what you hear and read. It is all agenda. Get healthy, start a family if you have not yet, and turn off the bullshit you are compulsively consuming.

You may think you are left or are right politically. Do not let the label divide you from others. They likely hold quite a bit of common ground with you. The rest maybe they haven’t gotten to yet. Or maybe that part of your belief is actually a lie from others.

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@jynx this entire society is tooled to destroy families
@jynx good thing im neither left, right, nor centre
@jynx tbh i just dont care enough about politics, i have some of my own opinions and thats it

@opal I cannot knock that. The life you are living is too short to waste. Good on you!

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